On-Premises Qlik Upgrades

Qlik has a constant software release cycle with new versions including bug fixes, new features and general quality-of-life improvements. This article provides links to where the software can be downloaded, together with Qlik's official end of support dates and our Ometis tips for a successful upgrade.


The Ometis Premier Support package includes Qlik software upgrades performed by our dedicated support team. Please contact us at support@ometis.co.uk if you'd like to make a booking, or discuss our upgrade/support packages in more detail.


Qlik maintains their official end-of-support dates in the following article which covers Qlik Sense, NPrinting and QlikView.


Upgrade Links

  • Qlik product downloads can be found on their official site here (requires login), alternatively Qlik maintains the software repositories in GitHub where all software versions can be downloaded directly. There is also this third-party site that organises the links to Qlik's GitHub downloads without needing a login

  • Official release notes are published on the Qlik Community page 

  • The Ometis blog articles give an overview of the new features and improvements

  • Qlik's What's new in Qlik Sense

  • Qlik's Product Innovation area of the community gives an overview of new and upcoming features

  • If you'd like to test drive a new release or feature demos.qlik.com allows you to access a working demo site and have a play. Or for a more general review of dashboard ideas and features in both Qlik Sense and QlikView check out the main demo site


Tips for a successful upgrade

  • Review the System Requirements on the help.qlik.com site, in particular confirm your current Windows OS version is still supported in the new Qlik release
    Qlik Sense System Requirements
    QlikView System Requirements
    NPrinting System Requirements
    Windows end-of-life dates

  • Confirm the user account name and password used to run the Qlik services
    • If upgrading Qlik Sense the repository password should also be confirmed

  • Take a backup or snapshot of the environment. In the unlikely event of a serious problem this can be used as a safe rollback point
    • The backup should include the server Qlik is running on
    • Any external or network share containing Qlik files
    • The Postgres repository if using Qlik Sense

  • Allow sufficient downtime to process the upgrade
    • Typically we would recommend ~1-2 hours per Qlik product allowing for the upgrade, testing and any issue resolution if needed

  • Confirm sufficient free disk space on the server
    • NPrinting in particular will take a full copy of all its files during an upgrade and this can be multiple GB depending on the number of reports configured/created

  • If upgrading Qlik Sense the Postgres database version may also need to be upgraded
    • This will involve using the utility provided by Qlik to migrate the existing database onto a later Postgres release

As always Ometis Support is available to help and happy to arrange a call or screen share to discuss things further.


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