Logging Support Tickets with Ometis


Ometis' dedicated support team can help with a wide range of topics over all the products you have purchased through us.


The quickest way to raise a support request is via email to support@ometis.co.uk, this will be registered in our system to allow tracking of progress to resolution.


Support requests can also be created and managed via the support portal https://support.ometis.co.uk/ which has the additional benefit of allowing you to set a priority and categorise the issue. It is also the place to go to see the latest status & updates on tickets - although you'll also be notified by email. 


When logging a ticket we need as much detail as possible to respond efficiently and involve you in the support process. Please include as many of the following as you’re able to:

  • The priority to the business
  • What product(s) you are referring to
  • What version(s) of the product(s) you’re using
  • Which users are affected
  • What environment you’re using (server name, URL, environment, dashboard name, space/stream…)
  • What you have done to replicate or investigate the issue
  • Supporting material, such as a Steps Recorder file, short video or screenshots of the observed behaviour
  • Where appropriate, a copy of the dashboard you're having issues with

Tips for supporting material:


Once the issue has been logged we will review the provided details and provide an informed reply with suggestions for you to try.


If you have any queries or questions feel free to contact us, we’re available to help Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 GMT, excluding UK national holidays.


Also check out our Ometis Toolkit for ways to enhance your Qlik https://ometistoolkit.com/ and our Ometis blog site for the latest articles https://www.ometis.co.uk/blog-news/.

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