Ometis remote support using AnyDesk


Ometis support is here to assist you with any Qlik questions or issues. We can usually resolve most problems through email or phone communication, but there are times when direct interaction with your system is necessary. In such instances, we use AnyDesk for secure enterprise-grade remote support.


AnyDesk is a powerful and lightweight tool that allows our authorised staff to remotely access your computer temporarily. You don't need to install anything; simply run the AnyDesk client provided by Ometis on your computer. This generates a unique address ID that we can use to connect to your system.

Ometis AnyDesk.png

When we're finished, you can close the AnyDesk client to revoke remote access immediately. All connections are encrypted and secured using multifactor authentication, so you don't have to worry about unauthorised access.


To download the Ometis-provided AnyDesk client, use the link provided. If you want to learn more about AnyDesk, visit https://anydesk.com/en.




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